Atholton Adventist Academy


Atholton Adventist Academy's Campus

Atholton Adventist Academy is located in Columbia, Maryland and our beautiful campus meets a variety of needs for each of our learners. Meticulous planning and intentionality continually go into creating each of our AAA learning spaces. Students have opportunities to learn in a variety of settings – whether it’s off-campus on a field trip, at a hands-on sensory play station in our Pre-K classroom, exploring standards-based learning in one of our outdoor learning spaces, or investigating God’s creation in our upper-grade science lab.

Our Pre-K classroom provides room for numerous learning centers, computer instruction, and multisensory play. Students build on important fine motor skills while also establishing foundational skills in the core content areas. Our lower-grade classrooms focus on themes, with each teacher bringing a unique touch to each one of our classrooms. Our middle-grade and upper-grade classrooms provide bright open spaces that foster interactive opportunities. Upper-grade learning environments also include a computer lab and a science lab.

All classrooms PK-12 are equipped with Smartboards and classroom computers, and all middle and highschool students use Chromebooks throughout their learning to develop their digital skills. Our outdoor playground and gymnasium provide opportunities for play and team sports training, as well as extracurricular sports and gymnastics.

Reading about our campus is certainly helpful and informative, but we also want you to have the opportunity to see if our school culture is a fit for your family. We will be happy to meet you in person and show you around our campus. To arrange a visit, simply call us at 410-740-2425 or email us at to make an appointment.

Touring the campus

A typical visit includes the following:

1. Viewing the classrooms in session

2. Meeting the homeroom/classroom teacher (as possible)

3. Spending time with the Principal, asking questions you have about Atholton Adventist Academy

Atholton Adventist Academy is so much more than just our school building and school grounds.

This is God’s school, and it’s the place where we are committed to helping each of our students and their families grow deeper roots with Him.

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