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Student Association

Atholton Adventist Academy is proud to be an Adventist Christian academy. Two of our primary goals are to lead our students to a better relationship with Jesus and to teach them skills that will equip them for a life of service. The Student Council, which is the leadership arm of the Student Association (SA) under the direction of Jeremy Villanueva and Lisa DeWitt, assists the students in meeting these goals by providing leadership training and service opportunities. Each year the SA’s programming is built around the school theme for the year and includes activities that increase leadership, spiritual awareness, and academic excellence. Activities include the weekly chapels, Spirit Week, Weeks of Spiritual Emphasis, service-related projects, and National Honor Society.

Students are an integral part of each chapel presentation. Under the SA leadership students enjoy group singing, skits presentations, special music, and audio-visual equipment operation. Twice a year, fall and spring, AAA conducts two special events of spiritual emphasis. During the fall the SA is responsible for the entire program, including the speaking. The student talks and skits are later shared with local area churches and schools.

Participation in school service projects is encouraged and facilitated by school staff and parents. Service activities include Ronald McDonald House, assisted living visitation, Big Buddy/Little Buddy program, road cleanup, and public speaking appointments. In addition to school-wide activities, individual classrooms adopt their own ministries and projects.

The National Honor Society is the foremost organization in the nation that recognizes student excellence at the high school and junior high level. High school and middle school students who attend Atholton Adventist Academy can be a member of this exclusive organization. To be nominated to the National Honor Society, a student must show distinction in four areas: academics, leadership, service, and character.

  • Academics:  Student must maintain 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Leadership:  Student must be responsible, resourceful, think independently, and have the ability to work with others.  Student must show active leadership at school, church, or the community.
  • Service:  Student must willingly and actively contribute their time to enhancing their school, church, or the community without expecting any compensation.
  • Character: Student must have the upmost moral character and high standards. Students should demonstrate integrity, compassion, cooperativeness, reliability, a strong work ethic, and have high respect for all people.
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Thanks, AAA School Family

"These last few months have been very hard for all of us, and I can't imagine what our lives would...
Atholton Adventist Academy
“These last few months have been very hard for all of us, and I can’t imagine what our lives would be like without our school family. Thank you for the prayers, financial support, all the love and care that you guys have sent our way.”

Best Christian Education

"There is no doubt in my mind that AAA offers THE BEST Christian education in town!!  Nothing can compare to...
Atholton Adventist Academy
“There is no doubt in my mind that AAA offers THE BEST Christian education in town!!  Nothing can compare to teachers that care, clear and steady leadership through troubling times, and sheer commitment to making sure every child is seen and loved.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!”
Atholton Adventist Academy