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The musical program at Atholton Adventist Academy is a vibrant and integral part of the school’s educational experience. Students in grades 1-6 receive classroom music instruction, which includes, but is not limited to, providing a basic understanding of musical rhythm, solfege hands signs, dictation, and sight reading. Instrument instruction includes beginner band, percussion (drums from around the world), recorders, hand bells for children, and xylophones. Students in upper classes (grades 7-12) can participate in various music programs.


Music Programs

Musical programs at AAA offer a variety of opportunities for middle school and high school students to explore their interests and talents. In addition to on-campus practice, students have the chance to participate in concerts, competitions, and other performances both on and off-campus.

Select Choir


Atholton Adventist Academy’s choir is a vibrant and passionate group of students who are dedicated to the art of choral music. The choir includes students with varying levels of experience, from those who are just starting to explore their vocal abilities to more seasoned singers who have participated in music programs for many years. Members of the choir develop their vocal technique, sight-reading skills, and musical expression through regular rehearsals and performances. The choir performs a wide range of musical genres, both on and off-campus. 

Performing Band

The performing band at Atholton Adventist Academy is a dynamic group of students who are passionate about instrumental music. Comprising both wind and percussion instruments, the band performs a diverse range of musical styles. Members of the band develop their technical and musical skills through regular rehearsals and performances. The band performs at various school and community events, including concerts and church events showcasing their exceptional abilities and musical talents. 


Bells Choir

Atholton Adventist Academy’s bell choir is a unique and impressive ensemble that uses handbells to create beautiful music. Members of the bell choir practice regularly and work to perfect their skills in sight-reading, musicianship, and teamwork. The bell choir performs a diverse range of music styles, from traditional hymns to contemporary music. The bell choir has a strong presence in the school community, performing at various school events, including religious services, concerts, and special occasions.

Strings Ensemble

String Ensemble is a musical organization for those who enjoy playing string instruments and have had training on a string instrument. Several performances are scheduled throughout the year, for which a uniform is required. Regular rehearsals are held 2-3 periods per week. Instructor permission is required for admission to the strings ensemble.


Drama Program


Drama is open to students who are interested in the performing arts and want to improve their performance skills. Experience is not required. Students will have opportunity to learn acting and performance skills, develop confidence and technique in public speaking, and learn memorization techniques. Several performances are scheduled throughout the year. Regular classes and rehearsals are held 2-3 periods per week.

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