Atholton Adventist Academy

Middle School

Grade 6

The Grade 6 program builds on the middle school skills learned the previous year. Students continue to develop research and study skills, broaden math competencies, and expand social skills through classroom activities and assigned responsibilities. Required outside reading and creative writing enhance the language arts curriculum. Service-oriented projects help develop a sense of stewardship through community outreach. Field trips and outdoor school provide hands-on learning to reinforce classroom

Grade 7

The Grade 7 program is designed to bring students together with their peers and teachers in a community of writers, researchers, and learners. The curriculum gives students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of themselves, God, and the world around them. The classroom is a workshop, conference room, and think tank. The approaches to work are individual as well as collective, and much of the learning and discovery occurs through collaboration and integration. The staff is committed to providing affective and intellectual experiences to our Grade 7 students.

Grade 8

The Grade 8 program encourages students to develop an individual and collective sense of responsibility, not only for their academic assignments, but also for their leadership roles. Students are given opportunity to acquire successful study skills, communication skills, and effective conflict resolution skills. Language arts and mathematics skills are expanded to include critical and logical thinking skills. Students learn how to present and critique oral research reports. Field trips enhance and expand classroom learning through hands-on experiences. Grade 8 students participate in fundraising to finance their graduation, class trip, and other projects undertaken during the year.