Atholton Adventist Academy

International Studies

The ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) program is designed for international students who are serious about learning English in order to earn an American high school diploma or university degree. Students with varying levels of English language proficiency are accepted into the program. The curriculum includes language development using traditional classroom subjects (science, social studies, and math), oral language practice, and field trips. American homestay is available as needed, and serves as an excellent avenue for language proficiency.

Most international students need a full year of language study to achieve a level of English proficiency that makes it possible for them to be successful in mainstream classes. Our program has 3 levels of instruction. Level 1 is for students with minimal English proficiency. These students are not eligible for most high school credits. Level 2 is for students with intermediate language proficiency. These students may earn some high school credits. Level 3 is for students with sufficient English language to allow them to transition into mainstream classes. Level 3 students are eligible to earn high school credits and will continue to receive ESOL support as needed. Transitions between levels are made at semester’s end, following student progress evaluation.

Our program is a fully accredited high school program. High school students who complete the first two years of high school at our academy (grades 9-10) are equipped to matriculate to other prestigious private schools in our area for the completion of high school and preparation for eventual university acceptance. Many of our students attend prestigious universities in the United States.