Atholton Adventist Academy

Forms & Documents

Application Form

This is the first form an international student needs to start the registration process at AAA.

To be completed by applicant’s previous school teacher and/or principal. The form is intended to give a general assessment of the applicant applying for admission to Atholton Adventist Academy.

If your student has received report card grades from any other school, this form needs to be filled out to allow us to request a copy of those records for your students current school file.

This form is required of all new students and is to be completed and signed by the student’s physician, pediatrician or nurse practitioner.

State Law requires that each student have on file at the school office an up-to-date immunization certificate.

Medical Forms

This form gives medication instructions and information to the school if your child is on a required medicine.

This medication form is for students with allergic reactions.

The Asthma Action Plan is to be completed by a primary care provider for each individual (child or adult) that has been diagnosed with asthma.

This form is required of all Pre-Kindergarten Students and new Kindergarten and new 1st Grade Students.


This book gives important information about the Atholton Adventist Academy, its programs and requirements, its history, and many more details.

This handbook clearly spells out the policies of Atholton Adventist Academy.

This lists school supplies needed during the school year.

This lists school schedules and upcoming events.