Atholton Adventist Academy

Faculty & Staff

Educating for Eternity

Miya Kim


At Atholton Adventist Academy, stories and experiences of each teacher, student, and parent are knit together into a mosaic which reflects God’s plan for Christian education. While the school’s mission and core values statements lay out the direction, expectation, and aspirations of our school, we are ultimately a community which strives to learn at the feet of Jesus Christ.

Like the parts of a body that make up the whole individual, Atholton succeeds only as we recognize diversity, leverage unique strengths, and move together toward the goal of “educating for eternity.” This principle is reflected in our vision for each student—to discover and nurture their diverse gifts and learning potential. Further, we achieve this through partnership with an informed community of engaged parents, administration, volunteers, staff, and God’s Spirit.

Atholton is known for our holistic approach to Christian education, and we endeavor to distinguish ourselves by the invested community which support and make up the school. I am profoundly privileged to belong and to serve this community. I invite you, if you have not yet been so fortunate, to come experience the Atholton atmosphere and consider being part of our colorful mosaic.

In His service, Miya Kim

Faculty & Staff

The Faculty and Staff at Atholton Adventist Academy are dedicated to the mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development of their students. Many have achieved advanced degrees and certifications — all to make them better teachers!

Jeremy Villanueva

Vice Principal, History

Martha Peralta

Business Manager

Rachelle Potts

Administrative Assistant

Roseane Ekkens


Mayada Deeb

Pre-Kindergarten 3

Delma Feitosa

Pre-Kindergarten 4

Yuri Hong


Anita Minty

1st Grade

Kimberley Nugent-Gillon

2nd Grade

Monique Hyde

3rd Grade

Veronica Cooper

4th Grade

Julia Di Biase

5th Grade

Eric Anthony

PE, PK-12

Beatriz Taylor

Music Director, PK-12

Jaime Villanueva

MS/HS Technology

Lisa DeWitt

8 HR, MS ELA, MS/HS History

Steve DeWitt

10 HR, MS/HS Math

Ed Eberhardt

6 HR, MS/HS Science & History

Rosemarie Flores

7 HR, MS/HS Spanish & Art

Geoff Hyde

12 HR, MS/HS Science

Mark O'Ffill

11 HR, Chaplain, Bible

Beth Villanueva


Zailin Peña Khalil


Jennifer Andres


Kathy Comeau


Sarah Porter


Troy Elliott

IT Specialist

Franke Zollman

Senior Pastor

Anastacia Ferguson-Bansie

Associate Pastor

Pic Coming Soon

Valter Andrade

Bible Worker

David Potts

Church Secretary

Amy Crowley

Teacher’s Aide