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Jr. High & High School

Grade 7

The Grade 7 program is designed to bring students together with their peers and teachers in a community of writers, researchers, and learners. The curriculum gives students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of themselves, God, and the world around them. The classroom is a workshop, conference room, and think tank. The approaches to work are individual as well as collective, and much of the learning and discovery occurs through collaboration and integration. The staff is committed to providing affective and intellectual experiences to our Grade 7 students.


Grade 8

The Grade 8 program encourages students to develop an individual and collective sense of responsibility, not only for their academic assignments, but also for their leadership roles. Students are given opportunity to acquire successful study skills, communication skills, and effective conflict resolution skills. Language arts and mathematics skills are expanded to include critical and logical thinking skills. Students learn how to present and critique oral research reports. Field trips enhance and expand classroom learning through hands-on experiences. Grade 8 students participate in fundraising to finance their graduation, class trip, and other projects undertaken during the year.


Grade 9

The Grade 9 program gives students their first real experience of higher education. Coursework includes Bible I, English I, Math (Algebra I & II and Geometry), Spanish I, American History, Environmental Science/Biology I, Computer/Keyboarding, Physical Education, and Music. The small classroom environment provides ninth graders the emotional and academic support necessary for a successful first year of high school.  In addition to the core curriculum, students have opportunity to receive hands-on experience and to develop leadership skills by participating in Student Association, AV support for Chapel and other programs.


Grade 10

The Grade 10 program is designed to build on the skills and concepts learned in science, social studies, literature, and Bible during the freshman year. Coursework includes Bible II, English II, Math (Geometry and Algebra II), Spanish II, World History, Environmental Science/Biology I, Computer Education, Health, Physical Education, and Music. In addition to the core curriculum, students have opportunity to receive hands-on experience and to develop leadership skills by participating in Student Association, AV support for Chapel and other programs.


Enrichment Activities

Physical Education and Athletics

The physical education program is required for all students in Pre-kindgergarten through Grade 10. Physical fitness, skill mastery, teamwork, and good sportsmanship are included in the curriculum for each grade.

The Athletic Department coordinates after-school sports programs through Kids University (KidsU). Varsity sports include Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, and Girls’ Volleyball.  Intramural sports include flag football, soccer, and floor hockey.  All students in Kindergarten-Grade 10 are encouraged to participate in the after-school intramural sports program.

Foreign Language

Spanish is offered to all grades 1-10.  Spanish I and II are offered specifically to students in Grades 9-10. Both courses develop the basic skills of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing of Spanish and increase the knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of the cultures in which Spanish is spoken as a first language. Spanish II expands grammar to include the use of a variety of verb tenses.


Students in the upper grades are provided several musical options.  Select Choir is an auditioned group that is made up of students who enjoy singing and want to develop their vocal skills. They experience several different genres of music and develop the ability to sing multiple-part music.  This group performs for area churches and other local area organizations during special events. The band provides opportunity for students who play an instrument  to be part of a group. The highlight of the year is the band concert during Strawberry Festival.