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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

The Faculty and Staff at Atholton Adventist Academy are dedicated to the mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development of their students.  Many have achieved advanced degrees and certifications — all to make them better teachers!

Miya Kim

MS Special Education, BS Elementary Education

Endorsements: NAD Professional Certificate -- Elementary Education; Special Education Specialist; Jr Academy: Bible, English, General Science, Health/PE, Social Studies


Candy Iverson
Business Manager



Office Hours: Wednesday morning and Friday

Rachelle Potts
Administrative Assistant


Preschool Teachers

Our Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) and Kindergarten programs offer a nurturing environment for your child. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers provide hands-on, multisensory learning opportunities for students to investigate the world that God created. Student-teacher ratios ensure that each student receives attention while building developmentally appropriate, foundational skills.

Delma Feitosa

BA Elementary Education & Educational Guidance

Erline Burgess

MA Early Childhood Education, M.Ed Education, BS Secondary Education and Home Economics

Endorsements: Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Home Economics

Elementary Grades 1-6 Teachers

The elementary program (Grades 1-6) builds on the established elementary foundation and provides more advanced training in essential middle school subject areas. Students are encouraged to establish responsible, independent work skills and ethics and to develop time-management skills. Students learn respect and compassion for their classmates. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous extracurricular opportunities AAA offers to middle-grade students.

Anita Minty
Grade 1

MI Instruction, BS Elementary Education

Endorsements: Elementary Education, Reading Specialist, Jr. Academy Bible

Karen Cerione
Grade 2

BS (Master’s equivalent) Education

Endorsements: Professional Certificate -- Elementary Education, Reading, Jr. Academy Fine Arts

Monique Hyde
Grade 3

BS Human Movement and Elementary Education

Endorsements: Elementary Education, Physical Education K-12, Jr. Academy Bible

Veronica Cooper
Grade 4

MS Education, BS, Language Arts for Elementary Education

Endorsements: Elementary Education; Reading; Jr. Academy: Bible, English, Mathematics, Social Studies; Montessori Diploma—Early Childhood

Julia Di Biase
Grade 5

MS Elementary Education emphasis in Elementary Reading, BA Psychology, Licensure K-8

Endorsements: Elementary Education; Kindergarten; Jr. Academy: Bible, English, History, Science

Jason Martz
Grade 6

MA Education, BS Business Administration, BS Long Term Care Administration

Endorsements: Elementary Education, Business Administration, Jr. Academy Social Studies

Jr. High & High School Teachers

Grade 7

The Grade 7 program is designed to bring students together with their peers and teachers in a community of writers, researchers, and learners. The curriculum gives students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of themselves, God, and the world around them. The classroom is a workshop, conference room, and think tank. The approaches to work are individual as well as collective, and much of the learning and discovery occurs through collaboration and integration. The staff is committed to providing affective and intellectual experiences to our Grade 7 students.

Grade 8

The Grade 8 program encourages students to develop an individual and collective sense of responsibility, not only for their academic assignments, but also for their leadership roles. Students are given opportunities to acquire successful study skills, communication skills, and effective conflict resolution skills. Language arts and mathematics skills are expanded to include critical and logical thinking skills. Students learn how to present and critique oral research reports. Field trips enhance and expand classroom learning through hands-on experiences. Grade 8 students participate in fundraising to finance their graduation, class trip, and other projects undertaken during the year.

Grade 9

The Grade 9 program gives students their first real experience of higher education. Coursework includes Bible I, English I, Math (Algebra I & II and Geometry), Spanish I, American History, Environmental Science/Biology I, Computer/Keyboarding, Physical Education, and Music. The small classroom environment provides ninth graders the emotional and academic support necessary for a successful first year of high school.  In addition to the core curriculum, students have opportunities to receive hands-on experience and to develop leadership skills by participating in Student Association, AV support for Chapel, and other programs.

Grade 10

The Grade 10 program is designed to build on the skills and concepts learned in science, social studies, literature, and Bible during the freshman year. Coursework includes Bible II, English II, Math (Geometry and Algebra II), Spanish II, World History, Environmental Science/Biology I, Computer Education, Health, Physical Education, and Music. In addition to the core curriculum, students have the opportunity to receive hands-on experience and to develop leadership skills by participating in Student Association, AV support for Chapel, and other programs.

Lisa DeWitt
Grade 7 - Homeroom

Bible, Reading, Language 7-8

MA Curriculum and Instruction, BA Elementary Education

Endorsements: Curriculum & Instruction Specialist; Elementary Education; Jr. Academy: Business Education, English, Religion, Social Studies

Steve DeWitt
Grade 8 - Homeroom

Mathematics 6-10

BS Elementary Education

Endorsements: Elementary Education; Mathematics; Science; Jr. Academy: Bible, Social Studies

Jeremy Villanueva
Grade 9 - Homeroom

History 7-10, ESOL Bible

MS Public History, BA History

Endorsements: History, Sociology, Jr. Academy Bible

Geofferey Hyde
Grade 10 - Homeroom

STEM, Science 7-10, Computer 10

MS Education, BS Biology

Endorsements: NAD Professional Certificate -- Biology; Computer Applications; Jr. Academy: Chemistry, Mathematics

English for Speakers of Other Languages

The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program is designed for international students who are serious about learning English in order to earn an American high school diploma or university degree.  Students with varying levels of English language proficiency are accepted into the program.  The curriculum includes language development using traditional classroom subjects (science, social studies, and math), oral language practice, and field trips.  American homestay is available as needed, and serves as an excellent avenue for language proficiency.

Marty Chedalavada
International Student Coordinator

Spanish 1-10, Art 7-8, Yearbook

M.S. Ed Speech Pathology & Audiology

Endorsements: NAD Professional Certificate -- Spanish; Jr Academy: Physical Education, Art, English

Beth Villanueva
English 9-10

ESOL Language Arts 9-10

BS Language Arts Education

Endorsements: English, Communication, ESOL, Keyboard, Jr. Academy General Science

Mark O'Ffill

Bible 8-10, ESOL Bible, History, Computer 5-8

MDiv Theology, BA Theology, Ordained

Endorsements: NAD Professional Certificate -- Elementary Education, Computer Applications, English, Religion, and Jr Academy Social Studies

Music, Physical Education, and Other Staff

Other programs enrich the experience at Atholton Adventist Academy. The physical education, music, and Before and After School Care (BASC) programs are vital aspects of Atholton Adventist Academy.

Beatriz Taylor
Music Department

Pre-Kindergarten - 8 Music, Choir, Bells, Band

MS Education, BS Music Education

Endorsements: Professional Certification